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The Orgone Alchemist

Mystical Mirrors of Divination

Mystical Mirrors of Divination

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Mystical Mirrors of DivinationIntroducing the Mystical Mirrors of Divination! Dive into the enchanting world of scrying with our exquisite collection of 3-inch sphere disks. Crafted with utmost precision and imbued with ancient wisdom, these scrying mirrors are destined to mesmerize and empower. Join us at our upcoming event (parapsycon) to witness the ethereal beauty of these mirrors, designed to unlock hidden truths and illuminate the paths of your destiny. Whether you seek guidance, introspection, or a deeper connection with the mystical realms, our scrying mirrors will transport you to a realm of mysticism and magic. Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to delve into the secrets of the universe. Step into the realm of enchantment with our enchanting scrying mirrors - your gateway to the ethereal realm awaits!

Many different designs to choose from and each have a paper cover on the scrying side, so once removed, you will be the first to gaze into the mirror.

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