Can it be done online?

Regrettably, the nature of our system necessitates in-person participation.

We are excited to announce the inclusion of an aura camera in our in-person events. This unique technology captures the energy surrounding individuals and offers valuable insights that cannot be replicated online.

To stay updated on our event announcements, please follow our social media pages. Join us as we explore the transformative power of the aura camera, uncovering the depths of personal growth and self-discovery.

Experience the captivating energy firsthand at our upcoming events, where this remarkable tool will be available to enhance your journey.

See it in Action

About Aura Photography

What does your Aura colors say about you?

You are energy! Come and see what your energy looks like by experiencing Aura Photography! Learn about your color personality and see your chakras in real time using this innovative technology!  This is a unique experience that is absolutely perfect for those looking to learn more about energy by understanding their Aura and walking away with an aura photograph and imaging report with detailed information.

We use the AuraCloud 3D Pro to capture your aura through a bio-sensor that gathers information in real time and creates informative charts and graphs to assist you in better understanding your Aura, your Chakras and your Energy.

What is an Aura?

The aura is thought to be a kind of energy field that surrounds every human and animal. This energy field projects a rainbow of colors that correlate to the seven chakras of the body. The distribution and color type may give insight into a particular person’s spiritual health. Naked to the human eye, these colors represent a person’s current energies. The hand has been established as a connection area where the software can pick up the electromagnetic energy based on acupuncture points in the hand.  

There are no “bad” aura colors – they simply reflect a person’s energetic composition. The vibration that is scanned in the hands is transferred into the camera where the energy can be measured and imprinted as a color onto an aura image, or rather your very own aura photo.  Even animals have auras because vibration equals color which means ENERGY!!! Come and experience the power of energy in real time with our Aura Imaging Software. It is a fun and unique experience that helps you better get in tune with your aura.  

By using the system, energy is translated into different chakra colors. Because of this you can learn about your own chakra colors in real time with aura photography.

What is Aura Photography?

Aura Imaging, or aura photography, uses a high-tech bio-feedback imaging camera to provide you with a detailed report of your dynamic electromagnetic field. This process gets you in touch with your energy centers and enables you to better understand your chakras and what they mean and how they impact you.   

Aura Imaging can be a powerful aid in expanding your intuitive awareness. As a result, you can use this as a self discovery tool to dive deeper into learning more about your chakra colors.

What Does An Aura Imaging Report Include?

When we measure your energy, we use a special software and hardware setup that converts data into a visual image showing your energy field. You can view this process as taking a window to your inner self. If you are interested in chakras and better understanding the role that energy plays within your body, an aura imaging report is perfect for you! 

 How does the AuraCloud 3D Pro work?

The AuraCloud 3D Pro creates a digital representation of an aura. It does this as a human-computer interface system that uses a combination of both hardware and software.  

This process involves using Inneractive’s proprietary algorithms to produce reporting from the data the camera and hand sensor provides. It may sound hi-tech, but the special technology provides you with an easy to understand report demonstrating the world of auras, chakras and energy. You will be able to see a 3D model of the full aura system from every angle as well as view the aura and head shot in real time. 

The AuraGraph application demonstrates the balance between mind-body-spirit, a yin-yang color wheel, aura power, energy level, chakra level, relaxation level, aura wave, and emotiometer.