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The Orgone Alchemist

Divination Travel Kit

Divination Travel Kit

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Embark on a journey of self-discovery and mystic revelations with our exclusive Traveler's Divination Kit – your passport to on-the-go divination at any moment! 🌍✨


🔮 **What's Inside:**


1. **Black Altar Cloth:** Unfold the secrets of the universe on this sacred space, enhancing the energy for your divination practice.


2. **Mini Tarot Deck:** A pocket-sized oracle, ready to illuminate the paths of past, present, and future wherever your journey takes you.


3. **Psychic Intention Tealight:** Ignite your inner intuition with this specially crafted tealight, designed to enhance your psychic senses.


4. **Black Obsidian Skull:** Unearth the power of protection and grounding with this stunning black obsidian skull, a guardian for your travels.


5. **Quartz Point:** Channel the pure energy of quartz to amplify your intentions and bring clarity to your readings.


6. **Mini Vial of Mugwort:** Open the gates of insight with the mystical properties of mugwort, perfect for enhancing your visionary experiences.


7. **Small Vials of Black Salt and Blessed Salt:** Cleanse and protect your divination space with these potent salts, each with its unique purpose.


8. **Safe Travel Orgonite Rune and Truth Orgonite Rune:** Carry the harmonizing and truth-seeking energy of orgonite with these specially crafted runes.


🌌 **Exquisite Design:**

The Travelers Divination Kit comes encased in a captivating travel case adorned with a mesmerizing ouija board design. The finishing touch is a planchette charm, guiding you on your mystical journey.


Images on the inside top are different per case, but same theme. 

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