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The Orgone Alchemist

Liminal Magic Travel (or Starter) Kit

Liminal Magic Travel (or Starter) Kit

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<span;>Liminal Magic Travel (or Starter) Kit

<span;>"Liminal magic" typically refers to magical practices or rituals performed in spaces or times that are considered to be in-between or transitional. These may include dawn or dusk, doorways, or other thresholds. The concept often involves tapping into the energy of these liminal spaces to enhance magical workings.

<span;>Comes with:
<span;>Orange and pinkish purple tealights (representing dawn and dusk)
<span;>Liminal Oil (anoint forehead to tap into liminal energy)
<span;>Grey Salt (used for transition, transformation, or crossing boundaries.)
<span;>Damiana Leaf (Known for its connection to divination and psychic abilities.)
<span;>Lavender (for calming and balancing)
<span;>Moonstone (balance and transition)
<span;>Orgonite Heart (keeps everything in the kit cleared and cleansed)
<span;>Mushroom charm
<span;>Random Mushroom shapped stone

<span;>Case cover:
<span;>Moths bridge the gap between darkness and light, while mushrooms, with their earthly connection and transformative nature, align with the liminality often associated with magical practices in transitional spaces or times. Incorporating these symbols can enhance the depth and intention of liminal magic.

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